Mr. President, I Built This

It can be argued President Obama shows his true colors almost any time he steps away from the teleprompter. His most recent “you didn’t build it” gaffe has sparked a public debate on both sides and fuel for the conservative fire. From a constitutional standpoint, none of us would be here if the Founding Fathers hadn’t built the Constitution of the United States.

Here are some Americans who stand and say Mr. President, I Built This:

  • 72% of respondents to a post-gaffe Rasmussen poll believe small business owners are primarily responsible for the success or failure of their business.
  • Team Romney (@TeamRomney) tweeted the original video of the Presidential gaffe illustrating rather than telling the origin of #IBuiltThis.
  • Texas Senator John Cornyn is calling for Texas entrepreneurs to tell their stories of how THEY built their businesses. Texans can enter their information on Senator Cornyn’s website.
  • Sarah Palin’s oldest daughter Bristol Palin has created the #IBuiltThis video after receiving an outpouring of photos from small business owners across the nation. It began with this post on her blog and has grown to a video viewed more than 110,000 times with no end in sight.

While the Monday talking heads were arguing ‘this too shall pass,’ social media is still buzzing from the latest non-teleprompter comments from President Obama.


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